Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hunt for terror suspect stymied by DHS confusion

This could have led to tragic consequences, another reason to test your responses before an incident happens. Little things like does your local law enforcement have access to a bomb dog, or even a bomb disposal team. How long will it take them to respond, and what do you expect them to do. Even large cities usually do not have enough personnel to search a medium sized building, in small cities often there are not enough police to search, even if they had been trained to search for suspect devices safely. Then you get into these turf wars, delaying things even further. Now is the time to work these problems out, not when an event is happening. I will say most smaller cities tend to work together better than the Federal folks. More and more businesses are looking to contact teams to work with them on bomb searches, so they can get back to business faster. Having a team of even basically trained guards to handle searches, can get a business or even government facility back in operation with in hours instead of days.
from CTI Consulting

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