Monday, June 27, 2016

Mexico has designed made under licence and just stolen the designs for other…

Mexico has long backed the myth that the majority of the weapons used by the cartels in Mexico come from the US. Only the top level Cartels can afford to supply Mexican Cartel Soldiers US weapons. For instance a working AK47 or any of its variants will cost over a thousand dollars to buy from the US. The same weapon from South or Central America, bear in mind the Russians and Chinese have dumped millions of these weapons to support revolution down there, their cost between one hundred dollars to a high of two hundred dollars. The Cartels buy huge shipments of weapons from dealers all over Europe , China and from Russia it self. Then lets look at the K&K licenced weapons made in Mexico by Mexico. They buy a licence to make x amounts of weapons, H&K has filed legal actions against Mexico for making far more weapons than allowed. Mexico has basically bribed H&K into dropping the legal actions a number of times, by agreeing to buy weapons directly from H&K. H&K was apparently going to start other legal actions of a long rifle that Mexico had stolen the design, changed a few features to reduce manufacturing costs. H&K looked at the new design, and backed off, saying the changes had made the weapon virtually to dangerous to sell. Lastly even though weapons manufactures have been sort of outlawed in Mexico since 1970 or so, they still make a small sub machine pistol that has even made its way into the US, found in the hands of LA Gangs, and a few have showed up in New York, as well as Chicago. Now part of the myth is that between 70 and 90% of the weapons recovered from the Cartels, that can be traced, are traced to US Purchases. The key word there is traced, most of the weapons can not be traced, since they come from illegal manufacture in Mexico, or from Central or South America, or even from the Government stockpiles, so yes the numbers given to the US to trace, do 70% of the time shown to be from the US. Most feel the number is more like 5% to a possible high of 20% in some years.
from CTI Consulting

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