Monday, June 27, 2016

Muslim extremist hackers release 'kill list' of 8,000 Americans; Ask ISIS lone wolves to carry...

Although no one on the one of three or five list's has been killed or even attacked at this point, you can imagine that lonely person sitting in his basement looking at his computer screen, thinking. Could this be my chance to strike a blow for the cause. If you read the propaganda but out by the Islamic Radical Extremists, they do not have big lists, but they point out the type of people to target, so they urge the loneliest sitting in his basement to rise up and strike. In a four page special bulletin put out after the Orlando attack, they praise the body count and the length of time the shooter was able to hold off Police and gain more press attention. Then the bulletin gives advise on targeting more whites so as to not confuse the goal of the attacker's. It references the latest Inspire Magazine, which by the way Assassination, and goes on to explain how to target, plan, ,and carry out the assassination. A must read for anyone in the Protection Business. If you may end up a target, you may want to read it as well, just to have an idea of what the bad guys are planning.
from CTI Consulting

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