Friday, June 24, 2016

'Orlando Will Be Repeated,' and 'No Place Is Safe,' Former ISIS Captive Warns Congress | Henry Morge

We need to listen to people like this. ISIS is not going away on it's own,it will just keep evolving to survive. Our Political Elite,who mouth ideas and solutions on both sides need to listen to people that deal with these terrorists in the real world. it is not going away,but we do need to kill off ISIS and any other Islamic Radical Jihadist's that want to take over by violence. It will keep popping up at times as will other terrorist organizations our precious with other reasons to cause violence. Terrorist bad guys will be with us always, but we need to stop them when they are small. Every time we try to ignore them,they just grow to the point we have to expend valuable resources of men and money, to dig them out. The drug Cartels are the same, we ignored them till they got to big,now it will take a lot to dig them out.
from CTI Consulting

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