Sunday, June 12, 2016

Security Personnel | G4S

G4S is one of the leading security firms in the US, and has reviled that Omar Mateen, has worked for them since 2007, and has a class G armed security guard licence. G4S has security guard contracts at Federal Buildings, Airports, State and Local Court Houses. In many cases Security Guards are only cleared when hired, which means this security guard may have only had a back ground check 9 years ago. It could be that he has had newer checks, but a lot of the investigation will be did any of his fellow officers notice something different about his behavior in the last year, months, days. It vewill be also be interesting to see if someone had reported something. Every Security Company out there needs to evaluate their employees as quickly as possible. It will also be interesting to see the the hand gun he had was from his Company. Lots to be learned here.
from CTI Consulting

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