Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sessions: ‘More of These Attacks Are Coming’ - Breitbart

We are still getting information in, but some of the rush to judgement has started. When you hear, that every club needs to have metal detectors at the entrances, lets deal with this one first. This shooter drove up to the front of the club, got out shooting from what we hear, carrying a long gun. Metal detectors are there to stop people trying to sneak weapons into places, not stop a weapon carrying individual from shooting his way in. There is a another push for armed security at the doors, better than a metal detector, but just a heads up, if he had his weapon up and firing, it is very difficult for a Security person to draw and fire before being targeted by the gunman. He has a chance but I would not bet the farm on it. Teaching bouncers, security, waiters, bartenders, basically everyone on staff how to help people evacuate will get you more bang for the buck. One Security guy properly trained just wandering around the entrances to the club mixing in the the club patrons, is probably a better use than a armed guard at the door. What the armed guy at the door can do for you is deterrence, if there are two establishments near each other with the same risk level, the bad guy(s) may pick the one with out a guard. Lets see what the rest of the government investigation shows.
from CTI Consulting

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