Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Slipped through the cracks: Orlando killer worked for DHS, State contractor | Fox News

His employer G4S is one of the better companies out there, and if he slipped through the background checks and probably a paper psychological test, and only had to deal with the background test twice in 9 years of working for the firm, so think of what other security firms are doing. There are more security guards, not all with weapons, than Police in the world. That this one slipped through is not all that hard to believe. but one would have to look to the fathers contacts for part of the problem with the FBI, letting him slide and still being employed. We also need to understand the labor laws both Federal and State, that do not allow for negative actions to be taken with employees with out large possible legal actions, that can cost a company millions of dollars. With some of the new labor laws and regulations on the books, it can be hard if not impossible to turn away criminals just out of prisons and jails. Some companies target the prisons and jails to get new employees, because most will work cheap, so the next thing you find, they are painting the walls of your home, or delivering items to your door. The only thing the consumer can do is keep any eye on anyone new coming to their homes or businesses.
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