Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Turkey airport attack: 28 killed in explosions at Istanbul Atatürk | World news | The Guardian

This is still an ongoing event, and not a lot of information as of yet. There are reports of up to 50 dead at this point, but most are staying with the 28 as reported by the Government two hours ago. One story is that they either engaged or the police started the engagement just outside the doors to the terminal. One bomber can be seen falling to the ground with a long gun, some describe as a version of an AK-47 sliding away from him, and then the bomb which appears to be on him is detonated. Most are reporting 3 bombers, others are still going with two, information is still sketchy. Now a report is the attack started in the parking lot, with gun fire then bomb and officers responded to the site, while another made it to the outside the terminal and fired his weapon and then detonated, and the third is the one seen inside the terminal shot and then detonations.
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