Sunday, July 10, 2016

Air marshals say a party-hearty attitude prevails at the agency

Unfortunately the Air Marshal program since it's inception, long before 911 has had these problems, when the program needed to expand quickly in the 1970's US Secret Service and FBI Agents filled in. It didn't take long for even these veteran Agent's to get bored and tired. Then weapons where left in seat backs, some Agent's fell asleep during flights, all the things that are happening with the newest groups of Marshalls. Yes the stories of drinking and sex also followed the old groups of Sky Marshalls. If it makes any difference every countries teams of Air Marshalls to include Israels had pretty much the same problems. Take any high functioning warriors, put them in jobs that has hours of inaction, followed by hours of non structured down time in some of the biggest party towns in the world, it is going to happen. Probably the best use of the program is with a very small cadre of teams, put on very high risk flights. It's what we had prior to 911, but with out the risk analysis for high risk flights available now. Then there also is the question of how effective they will be against the new types of terrorists they may face.
from CTI Consulting

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