Friday, July 22, 2016

Another BOMBSHELL Secret Service Sex Scandal: Prostitution Was Just the BEGINNING

Where I do believe most of this happened, this expose, is wildly inflated. Yes there often were wheels up parties after the President left and was far enough away that he wasn't going to return. Wheels Up parties in most cases were used to decompress often with the local and or other Federal Agencies. You are working close to 24 hours a day leading up to the arrival of the President, we tend to make life tough on those working with us, so a decompression and mending of fences is needed. In most cases the President or the next President is going to be back sometime and we are going to have to work with these folks again. 50% of the time the locals host the parties. Most attend make nice with the others and leave, normally they have early morning flights out the next day. Sometimes some over indulge, but usually few and not often. Of the other events talked about in this article, they are a few and the people do not last long, it is to dangerous to work in this field as it is, working with people who make it more dangerous is not good for the teams. In every group to include Priests, teachers, yes even US Secret Service teams, there's always that 5% who are a problem, the key is for the others to keep them in line or get rid of them.
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