Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bangladeshi forces move to free hostages in Dhaka

From the History of events like these, this was not going to end well in any case. There is a theory in both military and law enforcement, that it is needed to mount rescue operations as quickly as possible. The theory is based on past events that show letting events take time allows for the attackers to ready for the response, and allows time for the press to set up and gives the attackers maximum publicity. In any case your best chance of survival, is to always identify possible exit points and be ready to move to them if you sense anything out of the norm, or hear something out of the norm. Listen to your instincts and move towards an exit, which may be a window you need to throw a chair through first, this type of plan has to be done each time you enter a crowded room or area. Run, Hide, Fight are the key factors to remember when ever you are out and about. But mentally plan how you will do this. But let's add to this, Run is key and is always the key, Hide is not even a close second, take a look around and look for hiding places, with the mindset that you will still Run when the opportunity presents itself. When hiding remember concealment and cover are both valid for hiding, but concealment is your out of sight but bullets can still hit you, cover is something that will at least slow down bullets or blast effects from a bomb. But remember that Running is still your best move, so as you look around for a hiding place look for a place that will allow you to Run away if the opportunity presents itself. Lastly Fight is the last option, but remember Running is still our primary goal. So if fight is the option you will have to use, look for things you can use to fight with in the background of your mind what can I use to throw or jab with, so the shooter or any attacker will have to flinch throwing off their aim, as you approach, sometimes have others throw things if that's all they think they can do. But remember Running is still the primary goal, so if you can get past them keep moving. Standing still is the way to die, move , always move, even a few feet from the attacker (s) will dramatically improve your chances of survival. Some people will just freeze, do not stop for them, the best chance of getting them to move will be in following you and others as you move, so as hard as it maybe to consider, even a friend needs to be pushed yelled at even but you need to move, most of the time their subconscious will resort to follow you. With people moving it throws the attacker off his plan, and that alone could save lives. Have a safe secure weekend, but please plan to survive. Even it is just the place you sit in a restaurant, bar, or movie theater, look for exits, and your best straight line out of the area, then start moving if your instincts tell you too.
from CTI Consulting

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