Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dump truck driver targets Pittsburgh FBI building, crashes vehicle through front gate

There is a lot to learn here. One the vehicle barricade did what it was supposed to do. It stopped the truck before it got to the building, mission accomplished. Two, if the standoff distance for an explosive blast was at or near the entrance gate then perhaps the vehicle barrier did not work effectively enough. It will be interesting to see what barrier vendor it was, and what rating it had been tested at. I have designed these barriers for quite a few client's over the years, in most cases these results would be fine. But in a multi truck attack, like is sometime used in the mideast the second truck may well have been successful. There is still a lot to be learned here. Was this a test, if so I think they have learned a lot. In any case I think the bad guys learned a lot, and we in the protection business are going to have to rethink some design changes.
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