Friday, July 22, 2016

Gunman goes on rampage in Munich mall, witness and media reports say

Shopping Malls have been keeping USA Law Enforcement on edge for years, after the shooting in Germany today, it is at the top of the list. This is not the first time shopping malls, one of the soft targets the USA is most concerned about has been successfully attacked. In North Africa a shopping mall was attacked by a small group of Terrorists, and stayed under their control for about 24 hours. This would never happen in the USA like this our Police response even in our smaller cities, is much more effective. Still it is a real threat, one or more shooters could easily kill over 20 people in less than a few minutes, far faster than any response our police could muster. The shooter in Baton Rouge went up against un suspecting Police Officers and killed three and wounded 3 in less than 8 minutes. Many of our Mall Security Officers have had training from Home Land Security Contractors, but there's a lot of doubt of how effective it was or is. So everyone is back to , we are our best security in situations like this type of active shooters. Keep an eye open for ways to escape when in a mall, restaurant, movie theater, or any where else. Always have a straight line exit plan from danger at all times. Be looking for a place to hide if an exit from the shooter is not available, but with the idea of escaping if the opportunity presents itself. While thinking of your next actions, also keep in mind that you may need to fight your way out so be looking for objects to fight with, or distract the shooter (s) as you escape. CTI has been providing this type of training to campuses, City Governments, office facilities, and special event planning. Please avail you and your staff of training like this immediately.
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