Wednesday, July 13, 2016

In first, U.S. judge throws out cell phone 'stingray' evidence

This will be a setback to some investigations, but most will be put back on track with warrants, which many agencies and departments are already doing. What many consider the bigger problem is how many are in the field in the wrong hands. There are a few ways the bad guys can get hold of them. Making deals with foreign governments is the easiest way, thefts do not always work since most can be turned off remotely. Unfortunately a number of countries are allowing them to be built for sale, not having to worry about the niceties of a legal systems, they are reported to work better than the originals. They have been found in the hands of the Mexican Drug. Cartels, as well as other criminals, small countries, even larger ones have found that having untraceable units around. Be on the lookout for them.
from CTI Consulting

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