Monday, July 25, 2016

Munich Gunman Planned Attack for a Year, Officials Say - American Security Today

We need to understand the planning segment of these attacks, there's plenty of pre planning activities this person did that gave us a chance to stop this attack. Yes he may have brought the weapon, ,onthe dark web, ,but paying for it, taking delivery, all happened in our world, as well as the ammunition. How no one noticed his fixation for multiple victim shootings is perhaps a mystery we will never solve, but the signs were all there. Students often ask me how I research all this stuff and do not get picked up. The answer is I make it as easy as possible to find me, and of course I am known in the field. Most of you in the protection field should be researching these events as well, the worst that should happen is a visit by someone in law enforcement, with questions, treat them with respect and openness, and you may end up with a file, but it will be used to clear you faster for the next time. I have been asked a number of times if certain people have turned up during my research, if they have I tell them, they are on our team. With minimal exceptions I have been able to help with information with out involving a client.
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