Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nice 'terror attack': Horrifying footage shows moment truck ploughs into screaming Bastille Day crow

Still a lot of information coming in, and a lot of it unconfirmed, but we are getting very disturbing video. The Truck is shown approaching the barriers put up by Police, it seems to pause for a second and then run through the barriers and immediately hitting people, with the truck visibly bobbing up and down as it goes over people. The Police, a lot of them, from the barrier point, chasing down the street after the truck as it continues to hit people. A factor all Police and City Fathers need to take away from this. If a person is going to kill a lot of people running through a barrier is not going to be a problem for them. It is a very difficult call for Police, to shoot at a vehicle just because it ran through a barrier, yet when it was apparent that it was running down people the Police at the barrier, could not get a shot. Perhaps a different deployment of Law Enforcement is needed. One Police Officer perhaps another to back them up can tell a driver to stop as easy as a great number like we saw here. It maybe a good tactic to have police further down the road, to be able to shoot at the driver. Still we do not know everything, in fact perhaps not much, but we do need to be developing plans for hopefully preventing this type of event, and if not stopping it quicker. Planning for the next event should be a talk at every roll call in the coming days.
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