Sunday, July 10, 2016

Omar Mateen’s employer didn’t heed warnings about two other killers

G4S is one of the largest and many consider highly recommend Security Guard Company in the world. So think of what smaller firms are letting people become security guards. At least one firm had a recruiting office just outside a prison release area, hiring these former prisoners as unarmed security guards. Security Guard Companies are in a highly competitive business, with very tight profit margins. This makes finding and keeping guards a constant problem, with companies always looking for new ways to get new people for guards. In the North, companies around Detroit or even Boston are finding that hiring refugees can be a solution for unarmed security guards that are not licensed by the state other than to have the right training certificates, and a perfunctory back ground check, which in some cases is a computer check. Most companies using Security Guard Companies, need to have an assessment of their guard contracts, using an outside or third party company can help insure the validity of the assessments. In the southern border areas the Guard Companies tend to use cheap Mexican Labor, with green cards, at least when being checked. Once again guards not armed do not have real licensing issues, training certified and perhaps a perfunctory computer based back ground check. None of this means that the firm you are using has bad employees, it just means that you should be aware of possible problems.
from CTI Consulting

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