Thursday, July 21, 2016

Preventing terrorism-by-truck in America would be 'extremely difficult,' officials say

It will be a challenge that I am not sure there is a good, or even effective solution to this attack. If you read the advice given, it points to a pickup truck, or if you look at what was used in Canada, it was a 4 door sedan. So in every event securing against a vehicle attack, each place you draw the line for securing against this type of attack, there will be a soft target just outside the security perimeter. We as in any attack or crime, ,need to be more anticipatory, looking for the pre planning. The Nice attacker was noticed 3 times driving near the route he finally used. This is the type of pre attack planning we need to be looking for. We will not be successful every time, but our chance of being more successful if we try, is far more than if we rely on just static check points alone. On high threat events there's a need for training on looking for the unusual, the out of place, the that doesn't fit actions of pre planning for events and crimes.
from CTI Consulting

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