Friday, July 22, 2016

TSA Testing New Idea to Speed up Airport Security -- Security Today

This is a good idea where technology and security needed to come together at what looks like the right time. The aviation community looked at putting these CT Scanners at the carry on bags check point after 911, ,but the weight of the machine could not handled where the check points where located. The machines back then also where twice the size of the normal Xray units, which would have reduced the number of screening check points. Both the size and weight have come down to very near the existing screening machines. There was another reason that automatic type screening was not moved forward, in checked baggage weapons like guns or knives are not a real threat to the flight, and any bombs had to be in working condition so easier to find. Both are not true with carry on bags. Bombs and other weapons can be dismantled to make them easier to hide. The real question is can the new equipment find these hidden systems. Now the advantage is that screening people will be at the machine as well as the passenger, so suspect item's can be flagged and responded to immediately. Still the question is can the automatic detection machine be programed to detect dissembled weapons with out slowing down the throughput to much. It will be interesting to see how the tests go.
from CTI Consulting

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