Monday, July 25, 2016

UC Merced stabbings terror-inspired, FBI says

Young ISIS followers, are reading about other attacks, and as the propaganda from AQ and ISIS guides point out to these easily led children, if all you have is a knife use it. We all in protection need to understand knives what they can do and what is legal to carry. We also need to understand the penchant for the use of Combat knives, sort of the assault weapon of knives. One attack actually held up their attack until these specific "Combat " knives could be obtained. In this case by mail. Still a Machete is associated with attacks, and they can be found in most hardware stores as well as survivalist and military supply stores. Interesting while carrying a machete on your ranch or farm, even in your backyard to combat weeds is legal, the same machete in public can be considered illegal. So once again if you notice someone buying or even brandishing a machete in a suspicious mode, you need to report it. Most people contemplating using a knife or machete in a offensive mode, will not react well to questions from Law Enforcement. So you could well stop an attack before it starts. Remember learn the laws on carrying a knife in your location, many combat even hunting knives are illegal to carry in public. You may save lives.
from CTI Consulting

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