Sunday, July 31, 2016

UN atomic agency helping guard Rio Olympics from ISIS terror attack

Dirty bombs are always problematic, and in some perhaps most cases, not anywhere near as devastating as many imagine. Following the trafficking on nuclear material, many have been determined to be medical supplies even medical waste at times, which can be dangerous, but not necessarily devastating. The bomb is normally an explosive wrapped in some manner with the nuclear material. In the few cases that very dangerous nuclear material is stolen or sold, it's use as a dirty bomb could be devastating, but normally people out of the actual blast damage, could be De contaminated with existing protocols. Areas contaminated can be cleared also with existing protocols, it would probably take months if not a year, and warnings would have to be given for any further use of the land. We have learned a lot from previous nuclear exposures. Terrorists and others attempting to use nuclear materials, in a dirty bomb device, have in a number case's been sold, as stated before medical waste or supplies as bomb grade material, and it is a cause for real concern, but not as devastating as it may be believed. In other cases material that made a radiation detector show activity, but in most case's are mainly inert dirt mixed in with a very small amount of active material, once again dangerous but not necessarily devastating. With out going into the types of nuclear materials or their numbers often associated with them, the ending number being odd or even can be a very big deal. A high school student could work most of it out, but even then the former Soviet Union and it's controlled States have been found to be sorely lacking in both controls and proper numbering of materials, so many lost or stolen material from the break up of the Soviet Union was often mislabeled. After the break up the new Russia was about as concerned about what the break away countries had as well as the USA, so Russian Military oftentimes worked with the USA Military to go in and confiscate what nuclear material that was known about. Remember that the Russians have as much concern as we do to being attacked by Terrorists. Still it is a real threat that can not be taken lightly. Even a very small device could render an event venue unusable for months, NIST could probably tell the type of material used rather quickly, but all nuclear material can pose a health hazard.
from CTI Consulting

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