Thursday, July 14, 2016

Use of a truck as a weapon is a tactic advised in the Islamic Magazines on terror, this was in Inspire magazine a while ago. If you look in the picture the Police are behind a tree, with long guns at the ready. This is still a situation in flux, there are rumors flying all over the place. One is that there are hostages in an hotel nearby, but not confirmed. You can see bullets have hit the front of the windscreen of the truck, most seem around a passenger space, not the driver, but that could just be the angle of an attack. Thinking of copy cat attacks over the weekend, please keep in mind to left or right of a vehicle attack, with the goal of getting something substantial between you and the vehicle. Most live tree's over a foot thick, will deflect if not stop fairly large vehicles. If you get into a building, get at least 20 to 30 feet in to reduce the chance of a vehicle either entering, or throwing objects the vehicle hit further into the building. Moving left or right, is the quick goal, vehicles have a harder time keeping in control in a turn, plus they loose forward momentum.

via CTI Consulting

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