Thursday, July 7, 2016

We have made it through the 4th of July with out a terrorist incident in the USA. I think this is a tribute to our Law Enforcement and Intelligence folks protecting us. Not an easy job, so well done. We need to keep our own personal awareness up, and be a part of the security, which takes all of us to keep up our awareness of what is going on around you. The great part of this awareness skill, is that it will also protect us from all types of criminal activity, and non criminal activity as well, like traffic accidents, or even weather events. But lets focus on criminal activity, to include terrorism. But robberies, rape, purse snatching, and car jacking as well as home invasions. All of these events are proceeded by someone conducting surveillance, for perhaps seconds in the case of a purse snatcher, or days, weeks, months, even years in the case of terrorist attacks. Lets look at what we can do to increase our awareness using a key part of the Marine Corp's Combat Hunter program, and the well done book on the program Left of Bang. To long we have concentrated on reacting to events as they happened, or after they happened. Reactive actions to events in most cases means a lot of the event has happen to include, people are hurt or dead. The most reflective event for this is bombs, all types of bombing from suicide vests, to large truck or car bombs. If we are reactive to a bomb, it has gone off, and most of the damage is done. In the US Secret Service a great deal of time is spent looking for bombs and other devices that could be a danger to our Protectee. This is done for the simple reason, that there is no good reaction to a bomb. The diagram shown, points out some of the pre incident actions an attacker usually take, and in most cases have to take while setting up an attack.

via CTI Consulting

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