Monday, August 29, 2016

Acribillan a 3 en Oasis Revolución; mueren dos

In this case there's probably not much that can be done, but constant security awareness may have helped. We do not know how exactly this attack transpired, but it normally would have been proceeded by survallance and testing to see if the attack point was workable. Keeping up our awareness may have detected the attack, one can not tell with such little information. Routine travel is always a problem, and sports events if routine are especially so since we tend to drop our awareness during fun and family events. Bad guys often target events like this because of the drop in awareness. Not the most pleasant to think about, but pulling up your travel events on Google maps is Always a good idea. Look for choke points where you have to slow down or stop, these are what the bad guys are looking for. If you have a chance of multiple routes, try and use them. If not vary the times you arrive and depart. Call in the police if you can, very hard in Mexico.
from CTI Consulting

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