Thursday, August 25, 2016

We need to wake up and get ahead of the bad guys, all we can do here is pick up the pieces

As Americans we need to understand when we get to this point as shown in this picture of the Brussels bombers, we have no options but to pick up the pieces. The bomb or bombs are going to go off. We can try an ignore the problem, or we can understand how to detect these terrorists before they act. Personally, I do not want to wait for them to blow up innocent people. Or to use knives or guns to kill innocents, or to wait for someone to run over innocents with a truck or car. If we all raise our alert levels and pay attention we can detect them prior to innocents being killed or hurt. It just takes a little training, and constant practice. Let CTI provide this training to your staff, or security force, or Police Department, it is time to be proactive, not to wait for the event to happen.

via CTI Consulting

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