Saturday, August 6, 2016

Days at wheel, months of planning for Paris attack fugitive | The Big Story

We need to catch the Terrorists in the planning stages, to do that we need to understand more about them. This is a very good article on the planning of the Paris attacks, lots to learn as well as have a better understanding what we are dealing with. Brussels attackers have also been involved with groups running around Europe. Reading this you will understand that the use of false passports, mainly from Syria are key to the attackers keeping most of their team under the radar. They do use a lot of Syrian Refugees, but for lower level actors requiring little training, but most Syrian's know how to operate weapons and have at least been around battle. Trade craft is somewhat lacking but the use of the recording cameras at the home of the Director of the Nuclear shows they are getting better. As normal weapons are one of the last items acquired, so if they are picked up, it is hard to pin anything on them, even if they are suspected. The use of petty criminals, some, most even of the higher planners, is interesting, but seems to buy them a way to stay under the radar again. In developing a profile on these teams, the petty criminals and their families seem to be a big part of it. But remember this is not the big game of the original Bin Laden game. ISIS and the AQ of the Yemen area have always been a lower sort of set of Terrorists. They both tend to flaunt their goals and presence through Magazines, Web Sites, and Social Media. They both have access to bomb makers, both the explosives themselves as well as the electronics needed to build everything from workable backpacks, to sophisticated devices like the HP Printer cartridges, or the underwear bomb. If tracked back it would seem the explosive maker for the TATP was part of a 5 to 8 man team taught by what looks to be a Pakistani who grew up and was schooled in England. None of this is completely back grounded, to the point of perfect fact, but it appears to be substantiated by various sources. How all this translates to how or if cells in the US are developed we will have to see, we mainly have seen nothing but lone wolves since 911, but so is Europe in the past couple of weeks, or month. Lone wolves can have fairly devastating effect, and the planning is not as sophisticated, so detection is that much harder. But the good part is that they still have to plan and they are not that good at it, or the trade craft to carry it off.
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