Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Despite Death Threats Donald Trump will Fly to Mexico City to Meet with President Nieto

There is a real danger to Trump's visit, the Cartels as well as the Government have reason to kill him. Which is bad news, but it also is bad news for the Agents and other Staff that will have to accompany him. The USSS actually has the option of backing out of the visit, it was done in the Mid East when Presidential Candidate Jessie Jackson wanted to go to an area controlled by bad guys. But that time the threat was against the USSS Agents themselves. Doing any international Presidential visit is complex, but for a Candidate even more so. Lack of planning time in this case will be a problem, as well as the numbers of Agents assigned to his normal detail. I do hope Mr. Trump takes into account the danger he is putting everyone involved in. Not going has it's own problems, but this is a very dangerous trip.
from CTI Consulting

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