Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Experts fear ISIS terrorist knifemen will target Western church for their next attack - Mirror Online

There's no need for panic, but it would be prudent for Churches in America to review their security and security plans, to include the paths clergy use to and from their homes and churches. Remember soft targets are the key factor. So great practice for many newly started Protection Specialists, would be to offer your services to religious establishments in your area. Start off with a briefing on what types of attacks have happen over in Europe and what we could expect here. Remember no panic sell just talk, then go over their days work pattern, remembering the bad guys will be looking for patterns, like 7AM walk to the chapel for prayers every day. These are what the bad guy will be looking for, so the Clergy need to be aware of what is going on around them at those times, help them with things to look for. Next make sure they have 911 on their speed dials, many of us have taken them off over the years. It is the little things that will help get their minds around the possible problem. If they are ready for it do a quick survey of the Church and their home security, once again not a panic sell, just let them know what the actually have for security, most have no real idea. Don't recommend any expensive security upgrades, most can not afford it, and you will put them in a tough spot. Just let them know gently know of security vulnerabilities. If they have time give them a threat phone call briefing and leave the briefing sheet with them, with you contact info. If time permits give them a mail bomb briefing as well, once again leaving the briefing sheet with them with your contact info on it. Now presto chango you now have more experience, and perhaps new clients from it. And you have done something good for the world.
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