Monday, August 29, 2016

Families of Mexico’s 28,000 ‘disappeared’ fight for closure, justice | Toronto Star

The bad part is the Government is a big part of the problem, and many of us on the USA side of the border can not safely provide any in country support, since both the Cartels and the Government of Mexico target security firms offering assistance. The President of Mexico promoted a multi Agency investigation of missing people near the border, which led to a number of mass graves or body dumps, but then disappeared quickly as the finds embarrassed the Mexican Government, and the DNA costs became a real problem. Families on this side tried to learn if loved ones had been found, but ran into all sorts of roadblocks, from being charged for DNA testing to threats from unidentified sources from both the Government and the Cartels. Other countries of the world should stop dealing with the President of Mexico till he actually does something to resolve the missing people issue.
from CTI Consulting

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