Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hackers Trick Facial-Recognition Logins With Photos From Facebook (What Else?)

Like a lot of the biometric security systems, facial recognition still has some problems. They all have their strengths but all have their weaknesses as well. From the gummy bypass of the finger print systems, to the picture of your eye beating those systems. I have to admit this is the first time in years that an evaluator has stated that a PIN is more secure than the biometric. As I said years ago when CTI ran an evaluation of the facial recognition systems for Boston's Logan Airport, they are just not ready for prime time yet, that was over 13 years ago, it's steadily getting better, but still needs work. Biometrics in conjuction with a card type token and PIN is still quite a step up from just a card or card and PIN.
from CTI Consulting

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