Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Metro police arrest raises concern of radicalization in the ranks

It is time to take the blinders off, the Orlando shooter was a Security Guard working for a very reputable firm, with all the hiring done after 911, we have to expect there are more out there. The biggest strength we have is our fellow employees noticing when we are acting unusual. As in this case his fellow employees did notice something and reported it. I am sure that a lot of folks will cry big brother, but get over it. We are the best security we have for ourselves, and for those around us. This will not change, yes their are counter intelligence and counter terrorist operators out there but they can not be everywhere. It will be up to us to notice folks, even those close to us in some cases. Hard emotionally but needed if we are going to be safe. By the way this is true if we are to stop the cartels, welfare fraud almost any crime. But terrorism is the key one, If you notice changes in people, more expressions of support for Jihadist activities., not hanging around with his normal friends, spending money on weapons, or ammunition. I could go on, but the key is to notice something unusual is to know what is normal. The best person for that is you, not me. It takes me time to build up a base line as it would anyone that does not know your friend. But to you it would be noticeable. the key is to actually notice the unusual actions, and not feel it is just him going through a problems, which they maybe. This guy was reported a few years ago, and was just arrest this week. As in most of these cases, no action was taken till they did have the info needed for arrest. I remember going through my first divorce, I was taken out of the rotation for working around protectees till my fellow workers felt I had it under control. No deep psychiatrist, the first check is by your fellow workers. So as you see it works both ways, but you have to be ready to notice both the good and the bad.
from CTI Consulting

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