Friday, August 5, 2016

Mexican Drug Agent Crossed the Line Once Too Often -

In this murky world of the Drug Trade down on the Border of Texas and Mexico, a friend could also be a foe. With many Mexican Police and Political folks living in the USA either in the open or under the name of someone else, it brings the danger over to the USA side of the border. This former Mexican Policeman was killed in downtown McAllen Tx, as he sat in his car a number of years ago. But the situation is getting worse, more and more people fleeing the Mexico are residing in the Texas Border towns, sometimes going to work back in Mexico, and then coming home to the USA after their shift is done. In Mission Texas a former Reynosa Police officer, some claim he was an active duty officer, was living in a nice home, next to the Cimarron Golf Course Community. One night a group of Mexican assassins came across the border, and attacked his home. He fought them off for it was reported from 45 min, to an hour, finally a homeowner nearby called the Police, and the the attackers stopped and fled. As we sit at restaurants and bars in the Rio Grande Valley, we are often not knowingly sitting near people fleeing drug violence from Mexico, so be ready to move at anytime if an attack starts. The chances are very low you will be involved in an incident, unless you visit known areas that Mexican Drug Cartel's or their associates on both sides of the law hang out. In a Strip Joint just out of McAllen Texas, a group of men having a good time, left the facility one man got into his truck and entered Express way 83 heading to Mission Texas. Another group of men also at the Strip Club, had been watching the man and followed him out, got into other vehicles, and followed him. This all ended on Expressway 83 between McAllen and Mission Tx, as the second group fired what appeared to be automatic weapons into the victims truck, killing him. It turns out this altercation started in Reynosa that night with one Cartel, killing another Cartel Plaza Boss, the men in the Strip Club where called and notified of the killing and the plan to kill the relative of the folks that killed the other Cartel leader. Now in this case no one else was killed, but shooting at high speeds on a major highway can easily result in innocent folks getting killed, which happen on Highway 83 in another attack. Once again the chances of you getting hurt in one of these attacks are low, but you need to be ready for them if they happen.
from CTI Consulting

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