Friday, August 26, 2016

Omaha Suspect Crashes Into Southwest Airlines Jet After Scaling Fence: Cops - NBC News

This is not the first time intruders into airports have jumped into a vehicle already on the tarmac and driven around the airport. This maybe the first time they actually crashed into a plane. This crash could cost millions of dollars to recover from, the damage, the plane has to be checked out fully, the investigation, and the flight delays all add up. Airports try very hard to not let this happen. But any fence can be scaled, and if the keys are left in vehicles then an incident like this can happen. Some airports are or have installed detection systems on the fence lines to detect an intruder, other airports have installed devices on vehicles used on airports, that require an access card to operate the vehicle, very costly and the airlines have lots of vehicles even small baggage cart tractors that can cause damage, and are hard to install ignition devices on. One Airport at least has played with a GPS system on vehicles that can turn off vehicles that are not being operated in the correct areas. This is not proving all that helpful, for instance this truck was probably allowed to work in the area. One airport in the DC area had a fired gas truck driver injure another driver and and attempted to drive the gas truck onto the airport and hit a plane. The gas truck had a bumper mounted access control device that opened the gate, luckily another Gas truck driver leaving the airport noticed the fired driver, driving and rammed into the truck, and that stopped what could have been a very tragic incident. The incident will be investigated, and new operational procedures will be developed. CTI has looked into at least three of these incidents in the past year or so. Most turn out fairly uninteresting, but could have been worse that this one.
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