Friday, August 5, 2016

San Antonio Police Department-Civilian Response to Active Shooter - YouTube

As a trainer on active shooter response, I see a lot of videos on subject, this one stands out to me because of the great way it deals and guides folks that have weapons, mainly handguns. Most videos either do not deal with the issue, or in some cases actively dismiss the use of weapons like handguns. The next time you are at the range, remember what you saw in this video, and think in your office or home how you would respond. Look for cover, find in your mind angles of fire, remember the bullet will not be stopped by the drywall that makes up most office walls. If you get the chance to shoot, do so, If you have a chance at multiple shots continue, if the person has on a bullet resistant vest, or is even just hit in an area that stuns him for a while, do not expect the person to stay down. Keep your weapon trained on the individual as long as your are in the area. The other part in the video, is the response to Police showing up. These Police are going to be charged up, so do what they say, have the weapon away from you on the ground where they can see it. Fully expect to be handcuffed, and have weapons pointed at you. Do not be a distraction to them doing their job. They are trying to save lives and kill bad guys, if you distract them in anyway, you can get them or others hurt, if the gunman shows up.
from CTI Consulting

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