Sunday, August 28, 2016

Video, Gulf Cartel Hitmen forced to retire during Federal shootout in Reynosa - The Official Blog of Narco -

This is but one instance of the armed fire fights in Reynosa Mexico, less than 1 mile from Cities on the US Side of the border. Yet we hear very little about the problem, even though you can hear the gun fire, and most importantly are in range of the gunfire. More Gulf Cartel members are coming over the border to the USA, just to stay alive, what no one wants to talk about is that they bring the violence and the threat of violence with them. Ask RGV residence with out a press microphone in their face and they will tell you this is a problem. Ask restaurant owners that fled Mexico, and now are selling their Hidalgo County restaurant's, usually under the table, and moving far North, like above Washington DC, and some are finding the long reach of the Cartels tapping them on the shoulder up there.
from CTI Consulting

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