Thursday, August 25, 2016

Reading Situations to help keep you and yours safe

What is going on in this situation, can you read the body language of the pair? What would you expect if a Uniformed Police Officer came on the scene? Would they relax, get more tense, what would those body changes show.? Reading body language or behavior is critical to understanding situations, and staying safer. Contact CTI for more info on how to read behaviors that could mean you are in danger or soon could be.

via CTI Consulting

Have you ever walked into a bar, and just felt the tension in the air, how about your home, when ever there is tension between family members. Reading the atmospherics of a situation is not as difficult as it may seem, we all do it most of the time. Atmospherics: “the collective attitudes, moods, and behaviors present in a given situation or place” In this case you can see the tension by the body language of the people, but you would probably feel it in some way as well. Some people claim they can smell the tension in the air. Practice by walking through a bar, and feel the tension between different tables as you go by. The couple that just met, the couple that are having a spat, or the business group that just won big, or lost big. Practice here and then take that with you as you move through life, your chance of noticing a bad guy before they act has just gone up considerably.

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