Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A timeline of Edward Snowden leaks - Business Insider

Information we should all know, only because that Snowden has already told the rest of the world. I personally have no problem with what the NSA does, or the rest of our intelligence folks do. I do know China, Russia, even Israel is trying to do the same to us. Germany with all its crying over what we got from her phone, is trying just as hard to get our phones as well. Hillary's misuse of email and phone had to be a laugh to the rest of the world, elitists like her just do not seem to think anyone would dare go after her, or her husband, which just makes it all so easy for the opposition. Many Globalists think this is a good thing we all know what the other guy is doing, yet cry foul when our Government does it. For some reason the public does not seem to have a real problem with Facebook, Google and others to have vast amounts of data, which they admit they sell constantly, yet worry about our Government, yes there are bad guys in our Government, but I know a lot of them have been caught, and truly dealt with. It is funny that when Government data is used even against bad guys illegally, the data is thrown out, but never mind, please read this article, it is eye opening, even as little as there is so far. But know this when Snowden went to China, they did steal it all from him, so they have the data, the same with Russia, they have all the data. Right now we are the ones that do not know what all he has given them, and that is a bad thing.
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