Saturday, September 24, 2016

Backing Out of the Kill Zone – Some Thoughts | ISDA, Inc.

This video was out there for a while, and is fake, but does tell you a bit about how high tech video is now days, so as the old adage says do not confess to anything, even if they have pictures. Hmm, but lets get to the real part of the article, one if they will let you sign up to the news letter from ISDA Pulse Newsletter do so , even if you can never get to their driving school, which if you live in the RGV around McAllen Texas, and are worth near a million or over you should go,, now, the Pulse Newsletter has really good hints and advice. In this case getting out of the kill zone in reverse, it looks easy, it look safe, it is neither. But like anything else you need to know how you and your real car handle travelling in reverse. Try it at 5 miles an hour, in a very big empty parking lot, and still be very careful. If that goes OK, then read the article again, and see if your vehicle has the reverse governor than limits it to around 10 miles an hour. By the way 10 miles an hour is about the speed limit your skill set can handle. Vehicles tend to flip over at very low speeds in reverse. It has to do with steering and the center of gravity of the vehicle. Wide based vehicles that are low to the ground are best. High vehicles like SUV's are in general considered the worst. But read the article, these are the pro's listen to what they say, and then if you are going to practice, do so carefully. But I do recommend you practice, very slowly, and in a very big area with nothing in it. I have seen people try and practice at 5 miles an hour in their driveways get into real trouble quickly. Even two and four lane roads are a real danger for this type of practice to start with, perhaps to end with. Pick a really big parking lot with nothing else there. If you get above 20 miles an hour in any type of SUV, or Pickup, please expect to flip over, not kidding here. If you can get up to 10 miles an hour consider yourself an expert, till you can go through the ISDA school. Even then 10 miles an hour is going to be a reasonable limit. Let me give you a big hint, read the article, near the end is the key point. If you sit there in a bad situation for even 3 seconds instead of backing up at 5 miles an hour you have lost a lot of time. When you see the situation, which takes training itself, start to act. If you are wrong, then good practice, if you are right, then, every second you are moving gets you out of the KILL ZONE. Getting out of the Kill Zone is key, different experts have different distances for the zone, but to me every foot is critical. I will say in my training for using explosives to ambush vehicles, the kill zone we planned for was 64 feet. The main reason is that at 30 miles an hour the key vehicle you are attacking is only in a kill zone that large for 1.5 seconds, at 10 miles an hour around, most people will be out of a normal not Governmental kill zone in the same amount of time. So sitting there for 3 seconds trying to make up your mind, is far more dangerous than a quick 5 mile an hour decision.
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