Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bomb Dogs Failed Dozens of Tests at 10 Large U.S. Airports - NBC News

Bomb dog testing, is a very complex business. If you add to this the additional complex scents of TATP and other homemade bomb fillers, it make the job even tougher. Another problem is that it is true the K-9 teams are being used more and more, this takes a toll on both the handler and the dogs. But it also limits training time, which is crucial to maintain the ability of the K-9 team. Bomb dogs are playing a game, when the game is not fun anymore they become less effective, in many cases the handler is the only one that can really tell if the dog is working effectively. The supervisors of the K-9 Units often to not under the needs and limitations of the teams that they supervise. So mix this all together and you have a complex system that is effected by little things, like not separating the training aids from each other all the time, from having the handlers scent on the training aids, even little errors in these things can effect the quality of the training the K-9 teams get, which effects their effectiveness. I suggest everyone take a step back from the negatives here,K-9's are still one of the most effective bomb detection programs available. Even at over 50% testing results, they still are some of the best chances in finding bombs. We need to better understand the attackers and their methods of operations, if we keep relying on detection of bombs at the point of attack, we will never get ahead of the Terrorist attack cycles. .
from CTI Consulting

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