Saturday, September 17, 2016

Bomb explodes near Marine Corps race in New Jersey -

In one of the first issues of the AQ magazine Inspire, it tells how to make simple pipe bombs as did the Anarchists Cook Book of the 70's. Using what can be found and bought for less than 10$ at any dollar store. It is interesting that we have available to us in the US access to fireworks in many of our states. The bombs made for and detonated at the Boston Marathon where made of products bought at a fireworks stand for less than 50$. Even more interesting is that in another Inspire magazine the subject of fire bombs comes up. With the price of oil and gas so low, many very effective fire bombs can be made for less than 5$ each. Their effectiveness can be much worse than a pipe bomb or even AK-47 in the hands of a Terrorist, disgruntled employee, or person with a mental defect that causes them to strike out at us. Perhaps our best defense at the moment is to understand how to fight fires with what is available. It may even be time to spend a little on the purchase of fire extinguishers. We must prepare for what ever comes at us next, we must be aware of what the planning stages of the bad guys are and detect them before they attack. More and more Police and Security Departments are being taught to detect attacks prior to the event. We all need to be the eyes and ears to help them detect the bad guys sooner.
from CTI Consulting

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