Saturday, September 17, 2016

Device Explodes at Marine Race on Jersey Shore: Police | NBC New York

Pipe bombs are extremely easy to make and for the most part in the USA not all that effective, but can be very lethal if they are nearby crowds of people. The pressure cooker bomb used at the Boston Marathon was basically a pipe bomb. Like apparently this one, was made of a very low power burning powders, not high explosives. Still the Boston Bombs did kill and injure people near them. If you have ever been to one of my bomb classes either for the ATAP program for the State Department a while ago or for , the use of trash cans to hide these devices is often used. If you watch someone carefully put a package or bag in a trash can, please report it. Normally people just throw things in trash cans, but bombers need to be much more careful for fear it would go off. So the next time you see someone taking great care to put a package in a trash can please report, the lives you could save thank you, including me.
from CTI Consulting

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