Thursday, September 8, 2016

Inside the Ring: Clinton email compromised in hostile cyberattacks - Washington Times

The underlying story here is one we all need to pay attention to, it is not just your email account that is at risk, and can be compromised, but also the receiver or senders of emails you are corresponding with. It is truly the weakest link problem, and since we do not know what security levels the people we are corresponding with have on their systems, we must always assume the worst, and treat our emails with the proper caution. If you add to this the very real problem that none of us could probably handle a concentrated attack of our cyber systems, as we have seen from many of our Government Agencies that have been compromised, a lot of what we send, do, and store is at risk. It would be a good idea to do a quick risk analysis of our Cyber Foot Print, assuming the worst and they see where we stand. It is a difficult problem to deal with, but if you assume the worst, at least you know what may be available to outsiders, and I suggest we all need to do this to get a real idea of what our vulnerabilities are.
from CTI Consulting

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