Friday, September 2, 2016


The FBI listed this as the number one mobile security issue, in one meeting I was in the Cyber Guy from the FBI listed his phone's tether as a often used AT&T hot spot name. About 5 min in he started reading off all the cell phones and tablets that had automatically logged on to his phone. Try it sometime, when boarding a plane, you will get a lot of users very quickly, and in you are using Fing, you can find out a lot about each of them. Here is another test you can do. Check your phone and tablet to see if your blue tooth or wifi come on when you did not turn them on. Many phones and tablets have been hacked, or even you put a default on your own phone that allows this to happen. Check periodically, and then search for the app that is allowing it, or check for a hack.
from CTI Consulting

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