Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Missing Afghans Raise Terrorism Fears - Washington Free Beacon

This could be a very serious situation, and one that has happen before, most turn out to be either a method of just wanting to stay in America, but the timing is suspect. There are a number of programs run by DOD and the State Department under the auspices of varies Agency's like the Marshall's service, among others, a number of Contractors provide both in country training as well as overseas, one of the largest programs is the ATAP (Anti Terrorism Assistance Program) Which CTI has conducted Training for various countries from South American to the Mid East. Vetting of the student is up to the Sponsoring Agency, in this case it would appear to be DOD, but could well be the State Department. In most cases this is the first time for them to be in the US and they are allowed in a lot of freedom to explore the areas around their station of training. On long weekends the oversight of the Students is often no more than their word of where they will be. Most are trained in protective or defensive areas, but others do receive offensive training to include the use of weaponry from firearms to tanks.
from CTI Consulting

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