Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New York bombing: Suspect Ahmad Rahami 'may have been radicalised after visiting Afghanistan', as video emerges of him dragging bag in Chelsea

It is being reported that the explosive used was HMTD or Hexamethylene triperoxide diamine (HMTD) is a high explosive organic compound, it normally would require a bit more training to make, and it is a lot more powerful than the burning powers used in the Boston Marathon Bombing. Still there are some questions, HMTD can be set off with a Christmas bulb light, but normally a bomber would not count on it. But that could also be the reason so many of his bombs did not go off. The other questions would be why there was not more damage to the plastic trash can down on the New Jersey shore. Not to mention this stuff can go off if you drop it, so why did not the one bomb that went off, set the others off. As I said questions still are out there. For the bomb in New York that did go off, burning powders would not have sent the metal trash dumpster over a hundred feet though the air, but if made correctly the HMTD if made correctly could have. Still questions of why we did not see fragmentation holes in the trash can. It is possible the trash can was thrown because the device was set outside the dumpster, I still would have expected more ripping and fragmentation holes in it. HMTP can have very different effects depending on how and when it was made. It does not store well, and is very dangerous to make, so it often is not made correctly, causing different levels of explosive power. TATP is usually a more effective home made explosive, as we saw in Paris and Brussels. But he may not have been able to get the training on it. It is known the bomb trainer for the Paris bomber was killed a few years ago, so perhaps the person available to train this bomber was more familiar with HMTD. AQ has a bomb manual available on line in both English and other language's, it describes making both of the peroxide based explosives. So the bomber can have read the manual which is dangerous since it like the Inspire Magazine are not real clear on the dangers of letting the cooling of certain steps vary by a few degrees or time, of making the explosive, and can both detonate or not work in the end.
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