Thursday, September 22, 2016

Research: One in 50 Employees is a Malicious Insider

Two things here, one the data in the study shows that it is not only people leaving your firm or Agency that you need to worry about. Workers that intend to stay are perhaps the real problem. They can see a second stream of income, and want to ride it for as long as possible. Two, it's not just cyber threats, malicious insiders, are copying keys, misdirection of assets and just supplies. I have been involved in the detection of insider threats, after the easy stuff is found, you start looking at inventory, looking for trends. School starting, leads to big up ticks in office supplies going missing, Christmas season leads to big up ticks in battery and packaging supplies going missing. Drug sale's can lead to constant theft of things like aluminum foil, small packing supplies like baggies, even digital scales. It looks like small stuff, but in one USA Government Agency the take for one quarter of a year was in the hundred thousand dollar range and over a 1/4 of the maintenance and supply budget. Stock inventory showed that 80 plus percent of key items went missing, and many small items where not even being inventoried.
from CTI Consulting

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