Sunday, September 4, 2016

Shootouts in Mexico Border City Kill 11, Including Bystander

Here is the big problem for those who claim cartel violence is drug on drug crime, no innocents get harmed, they do. It is actual death, but also intimidation and extortion. These crimes run rampant where ever the Cartels are operating, which in the USA is virtually every city. But the key crimes happen in major cities and in the border cities. Where the Political folks turn a blind eye to the Cartels, as long as they keep spending money on houses and bars, restaurants, car's, even funding businesses. If you look just over the border you will find ghost towns that thought they would take the cartels money for a while, and then found they could not stop. You either don't do business with them or you get caught in their corruption. But like the corrupt Federal, State, and Local officials in Mexico, local government officials in the border are at best turning a blind eye to the Cartels, or being part of the problem.
from CTI Consulting

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