Wednesday, September 21, 2016

State admits: ISIS terrorists trying to pose as refugees

No kidding, vetting will never be an exact process, but vetting of people from Syria is even harder. ISIS as well as other bad guys have had access to both records storage, what there is of them, and records makeup and processing. That is how known terrorists keep getting into the EU, and yes into the USA. It is getting harder with so many biometrics being used for passports and other ID. But if you travel a lot, you know that you can often find port's of entry that only have visible verification of passport photos. Then you have entry via Canada and Mexico that can be used. While working for the Palistinians, they wanted to make their own passports, so they contacted a company that said they sell to the USA, that is the one they wanted. I looked at it, it had smart chip capability, and most of our security features. In the end they used EU grant money to order them. I was working for our USAID, so left shortly after Hamas gained control of the Gaza Strip. I never saw the finished product.
from CTI Consulting

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