Friday, September 23, 2016

Suspicious Vehicle Prompts Evacuation At LaGuardia Airport « CBS New York

Suspect vehicles are always a problem, and in front of an Airport Terminal is even more of a problem. What do you do with it, TSA said for a while tow it away, and that is the method used when they can convince a tow truck driver to hook up and tow away a vehicle the bomb dog just sat on, showing it thought there was a bomb in it. Now for a bit of time one TSA official told the Airport Security to lie to the tow truck driver if needed. But that stopped quickly, So now what do you do with it, evacuations from the area around the Vehicle is advised, but that causes huge air traffic problems. This why so many airports have such control of the front of the Terminal, once a car is left it quickly becomes a critical problem.
from CTI Consulting

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