Sunday, September 18, 2016

UPDATED WITH PHOTO: Fox Reports Second Device in New York City is Likely Pressure Cooker Bomb

Weekend Update, The pipe bombs in New Jersey are being reported to be black powder devices, three wired together only one went off. If you look on page 40 of the 1st edition of the Inspire magazine there is a picture of three pipe bombs wired together. If you flip through a few more pages you will see a pressure cooker bomb, so it would appear the bomber is a reader of Inspire. The second device appears to be wired to a cell phone, which makes working on the bomb a bit of a problem if people can see people working on the device. One phone call can set it off, so bomb tech's are very careful working around them. We really need more information on the devices found, at this point I am getting counterpointing info on all of them.
from CTI Consulting

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